For each author query, the code first retrieves all referred papers published by the author. After the query is complete, the papers found are shown on a list (one row per paper, containing the bibliographic code and the title). The list is originally sorted by decreasing number of citations, but the sorting scheme can be changed by clicking on the label above the list.

Within the list, one can select papers that should be excluded from the analysis (for example, papers written by a namesake). Then, one can proceed and compute statistical properties or display different plots for various relevant quantities.

The Statistics page shows aggregate properties of the papers published by the authors, and compares these with the same properties for the papers written by astrophysical professors in Italian universities (selected as professors with recruitment code FIS/05). In particular, the page shows the difference between the average values in units of the standard deviations (positive meaning that the author exceeds the average) and the percentiles (larger than 50% meaning that the author exceeds the median). If one keep and holds the mouse pointer on a quantity, the average